2023 Dodge Hornet Will Offer a GLH Performance Package


2023 Dodge Hornet Will Offer a GLH Performance Package

2023 Dodge Hornet Will Offer a GLH Performance Package

With a brought down suspension, a redesigned exhaust, and stripes, the 'Goes Like Hell' bundle will be accessible through Dodge's Direct Connection parts program.

 Avoid is bringing back the GLH (Goes Like Hell) moniker for the 2023 Hornet hybrid.

The name was initially utilized on the Omni hot lid from the 1980s.

The GLH bundle incorporates a brought down suspension, an updated exhaust, and visual additional items.

Evade is hyping the lively plot for the new 2023 Hornet and presently says it will offer a GLH bundle that incorporates a few presentation redesigns for the SUV. This name, which means "Goes Like Hell," is a tribute to the Omni GLH hot hatchback from the 1980s. The seller introduced updates will be sold through Dodge's Direct Connection parts program. The vehicle you see envisioned here is the Hornet GLH idea and is intended to exhibit what's conceivable assuming you add every one of the treats.

Accessible for the Hornet GT, which has a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four, the GLH additional items incorporate a suspension unit that brings down the SUV by in excess of an inch, a redesigned exhaust, 20-inch wheels, and various stripes and GLH logos. Evade hasn't yet said how much additional strength the fumes arrangement will add, yet anticipate a touch more than the standard vehicle's 265 hp.

We likewise don't yet know estimating for these additional items, yet Dodge says the GLH overhauls will be "stackable," meaning you can probably add one, some, or these choices to your Hornet. We'd figure there will be an in with no reservations cost for the GLH bundle on the off chance that you need everything. The Direct Connection parts will be covered under the vehicle's guarantee in the event that you have them introduced by an assigned showroom, which Dodge calls a "Power Broker." Eventually, Direct Connection will likewise offer execution parts for the more impressive Hornet R/T module crossover model, yet we don't know subtleties on those yet.

Search for more data on the GLH updates not long from now, as the Hornet GT is planned to show up at showrooms in December.